Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First Day Jitters - #SOL Dec. 2

It's move-in day again.  Not new house move-in.  Not college move-in. Not moving a daughter into her new apartment. No this is move-in day for me.

In my new position as intermediate literacy coach, I have the privilege of working beside my intermediate colleagues in four different buildings in our school district.  The number of colleagues I work with can be daunting, but not as daunting as the first day move-in.

A small portion of what moves into
my offices with me :)
Our district's coaching model finds us in one school at a time, for about a span of three weeks.  For me, that means four different offices.  I'm certain I will fine tune this by the end of the year, but for now, four different offices means all my mentor texts, professional resources, technology tools, container of chocolate (a must for all coaches!), and various sundry items all travel with me each time I make a move.

And then there are the first day worries:
  • Who will I sit and eat with at lunch?
  • Will people like me here?
  • Will I be able to find the bathrooms?
  • How do the copiers at this school work?
Let's just say, I have an entirely new appreciation for what it means to be the "new kid" at school.

But after I have moved in to the new office space, unloaded my things making sure that books are the first thing noticed when entering the office, and found the bathrooms, the jitters go away.  I find some people with whom to eat lunch and the staff welcomes me warmly.

But thank heaven, I don't have to find a group to play with at recess!

***Disclaimer - I actually wrote this Slice back in September, but never published it. As I am beginning my second cycle of coaching, I am currently back in my very first building. The moving in is still a thing, but I love that the relationships I built with people all the way back in August and September, have been incredibly helpful as we begin a deeper layer of collaborating together.  It's so nice not to be the new kid anymore, but I am grateful to all the colleagues who so graciously helped me to not have those "new kid" feelings.***

A huge thank you to the smart ladies at Two Writing Teachers for hosting a Slice of Life each Tuesday.


  1. Aw, love this. They'll love you! And such a perfect job for you.

  2. Best of luck with the rest of the year! Moving and change is always daunting.

  3. I can so relate! I like your perspective on this. I am in two buildings every day.
    p.s. I would totally play with you at recess! lol.

  4. Wow, that's a logistical nightmare, moving every 3 weeks. I am glad you were able to get settled in and find your way around. I appreciate how you empathized with the "new kids" through your experience. Not an easy thing at all.

  5. Yes, we have first day jitters, too! I am impressed by the number of bags you travel with - wow!

  6. I'm glad you published this slice NOW, Karen. It gives us a look into what your life is like. I can't imagine having to resettle myself constantly. When I go into schools it's for a day. It's different as a consultant. As someone who appears, disappears, and reappears, I think your job sounds much tougher.

  7. Such a challenge! It keeps things interesting, though, I bet! When I first started my job at Kings as a gifted teacher, I taught 4th grade and needed to serve all the gifted reading kids, but the district has 4th graders in 3 buildings! I drove to each building every day. It was quite interesting to make sure I had things I needed every day. I actually kind of liked getting out and driving, though. ;-) Now I'm in one place, and I do have to say it's nice to have my own space in ONE place. I bet you're so wonderful as a coach!!!

  8. You pack, just like me...the more books the better! I'm so glad that everyone is so welcoming. I think your job sounds like so much fun. xo

  9. Love how you saved this and published it now --great to share with students. We never know when our writing will find an audience! Love the reflection you added.

  10. This first year will be the most difficult since you have to establish yourself each time. However, next year they will be welcoming you with open arms because they know what a great resource you are. But I would sure hate all that moving.

  11. I know you would have no problems finding someone to play with at recess! I think writers capture lots of ideas and thinking but don't always share them publicly until they are ready. Have a great second cycle in your new position.

  12. Karen,
    That moving looks a bit daunting. I'm sure you will perfect it before the year is over. I know being in a new position sure has me thinking and rethinking the things I do each day.

    I was so happy to see your name in the slice posts for today.