Saturday, February 26, 2011

Booklist to Share

Today is the annual Dublin Literacy Conference (which as a side note, looks to be amazing!!), and Bill and I will be presenting again in a small breakout session. Since we started Literate Lives 3 years ago, we have offered to share the books we love each year at this conference.

Our current attendance number for our breakout session is designated at 44 educators. We're very excited about that, but when I saw that concrete number, it immediately made me reflect on what I've learned during my PLP experience this year -- the importance of collaboration, communication, creation, and connections beyond the 4 walls of the classroom. Since I believe all four are essential to my continued learning, I realized that I wanted this list that Bill and I have created to reach a larger audience than just the people who signed up for our session - though I would like to say a huge thank you to each one of them for choosing to spend time with us on a very busy Saturday!!

With that in mind, I am adding the link to our booklist here (it sits in a googledoc site that is public to people with this link). Hopefully, you won't have any difficulty accessing the site.

My hope is to continue the idea of collaboration, communication, creation, and connections with this booklist. Once you look at our booklist, please stop back and share with us and the rest of our community what books we didn't include that you think should be there and why. Our list is by no means comprehensive, but with just a few exceptions, we are only sharing books published in 2010 or thus far in 2011. If we missed something, we'd love to have you add to our thinking.

We are much smarter as a group than we are individually - thanks for collaborating and connecting with us!!


  1. What a thrill to meet you both today! Thanks for all you do to keep me in touch with the best books! You are both awesome!
    Cincinnati, OH

  2. Barbara, since we shared a few of your books you were there in spirit. :) Would love to have you visit again in person, though!

    your words are so kind - thank you! It was great meeting you today and we look forward to hearing more about your book club discussions as you move forward with lunch bunch. Thanks for making the trip today.

  3. Bill and Karen!

    I wish I could have attended your session. As you know, I was a hostess to the delightful Patrick Allen for the day. Thank you very much for sharing your list. I deeply respect your combined knowledge about books and greatly appreciate your willingness to share!

  4. Karen & Bill,
    Thanks for sharing your booklist from your Dublin Literacy session. I love that you added a bit of commentary to the title. You two do not help my budget. ;o)


  5. Can I just say that I look forward to the our presentation every year? If I could make a living sharing books with teachers, I would be a happy man. As it is, I get to share them with kids, and that's a pretty good gig too. Thanks to all who came to our session.

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing your book list!