Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grand Discussion Flyer Fun

It's time to start publicizing our next Grand Discussion and Joyce and I like to get creative, or silly, and have a little fun with them. For example, when we used the book Hattie Big Sky, we cut and pasted our faces over American Gothic with speech bubbles.

Joyce: Look at that sky.
Bill: Sure is big.

Yeah, I know, corny, but we laugh like a couple of goofs anyway. When we chose Al Capone Does My Shirts, we sat on the steps of our playground. The railing has bars so it looked like we were in jail because of boring books. Then we freed ourselves over the joy of reading and discussing such a wonderful book. Our original flier had us sleeping while holding a boring book and then perked up and awake due to a really good book. The funny thing was, we were holding the same book in both photos.

So today we took the picture for the flier. We struggled a bit with this one. We chose the Unnameables and we were having a tough time coming up with something. Joyce had a brainstorm and the flier reads something like this:

Two unnameable teachers invite you to join them for a Grand Discussion of The Unnameables by Ellen Booraem. And the picture? Well take a look for yourself.
A couple of funny things, Joyce and I both caught ourselves smiling under the bags as if our faces would be seen. One fifth grade student who was in the library at a time suggested we take it again because, "Mr. Prosser blinked!"

We may send it to Chipotle and see if they might provide some snacks for our discussion. All in all, another good time was had by all, well at least by my friend Joyce and me!


  1. Dear Bill and Joyce: I'm thrilled to be part of a Grand Discussion with such good-looking leaders. Thanks for choosing my book!


  2. This is great! Very creative and hilarious. And I am just now noticing your other comment is from the author! SCORE! How awesome!