Friday, February 29, 2008

Poetry Friday at the Summerhouse

Every year:
A rented pink cottage full of family,
sand and sun--
Summerhouse Time.
Morning trips to the donut shop,
fish fry dinners, swapping stories--
Summerhouse Time.
Mom and Dad, dancing on the beach.
Sophie and her cousins, riding the waves.
Every year:
Summerhouse Time.

Eileen Spinelli's free verse story of Sophie's family time at the beach has all of the features of a beach vacation with the ENTIRE family. Marital trouble, teen angst, babies, learning to swim, an orange cat, and a first love. Check out Read, Read, Read for another review, and here's another poem about what Sophie is looking forward to, and what you can expect from the rest of the book. Maybe the February weather has me in the mood for sun, sand and surf!

Orange likes
riding in the car.
She falls asleep
on my lap.
I'm too excited
for sleep.
Can't wait
to rent bikes,
to fly kites,
to tell scary stories
around a sparking
driftwood fire.
But mostly,
I can't wait
to see Colleen
and show her my spider necklace
and tell her about Jimmy Gabbiano.
Colleen won't say:
"You're only eleven."
Colleen will understand.

Look to Kelly Fineman for the poetry round up today.

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