Friday, June 3, 2011

Ready...Set...Go! 48 Hour Reading Challenge

It looks like I may be the first Central Ohio Blogger taking the plunge, but my start time for this year's 48 Hour Reading Challenge is 3:06 P.M. on Friday. As usual, I won't be winning any prizes but hope to increase my hours from years past. After all, this weekend is as much about the social part of reading as it is the actual reading for me. Tomorrow, I will enjoy a bowl of delicious granola, excellent conversation and a look at new books as the Central Ohio Blogger get together to celebrate MotherReader's annual event.

A bit of a change for me this year, I'm not announcing my reading list. I'm going with the flow and whatever hits me at the time. I know I'm starting with a new mystery series for kids that may be younger than the rules state, but I have to work into these things slowly.

So without further ado...READ!


  1. Going with the flow sounds like a good plan. Happy Reading!


  2. What?! Not revealing your list?! It's probably a good idea to go with the flow.

  3. Great to see a guy doing the challenge and interested in seeing what you will read. I tend to read younger children's books, too, so I'm looking forward to hearing the name of the series you're reading!

  4. It is always nice to see a guy participating in blogging things. Good luck and enjoy that bowl of granola tomorrow morning.

  5. That sounds so nice to get together with other bloggers and celebrate the challenge! Fun!! If I have a set reading list, I get all Moxie Maxwell and decide I don't want to read at all, so I usually create a big ol' pile and then I have lots of options. :) Good luck and happy reading!!