Saturday, June 4, 2011

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update 2

So first I need to apologize for a mistake. The event is called the 48 Hour BOOK Challenge, not reading challenge as I have been calling it I promise to do better. I started the morning with about an hour of reading then went and enjoyed some delicious granola and conversation with the Central Ohio Kid Lit Bloggers. I even convinced 3 others to try the granola at the Northstar Cafe and they all agreed, it's awesome.

Then we journeyed to our favorite book store, Cover to Cover where Sally and Beth helped find all of the good titles that we just had to see. The one I'm most excited about is the second book of Those Darn Squirrels. It may just kick of the year in THE PIT next fall. What's funnier than a cat giving wet willies, noogies and wedgies to squirrels!? Nothing, that's what! I was laughing out loud in the book store. I LOVE THOSE DARN SQUIRRELS!

When I got home I got the pork tenderloin into the marinate and then finished A Million Miles from Boston by Karen Day. I love the setting of this book, a small summer beach community on the coast of main and with the humidity in Columbus today, I found myself wishing I was there. The story is about Lucy, a soon to be middle schooler who lives with her father and brother. Her mother passed away from cancer and Lucy finds herself not only dealing with the social pit falls of middle school and boys, but with the grief over her mother and her father's new girl friend. It's very well written and I'm pretty sure I know some fifth grade girls who will really like it.

I think I'm moving on to one of the ARCs I picked up called The Mystery of Missing Everything by Ben H. Winters.


  1. I keep calling it reading challenge too!

  2. I keep calling it reading challenge too! As my husband put it "Oh yeah, you're doing some kind of reading competition."

  3. Great start to the 48HBC. Good luck with the rest of your weekend!

  4. Who writes those Darn Squirrel books? I'd like to look them up.
    Good luck on the Challenge!

  5. Though come to think of it, 48 Hour Reading Challenge makes more sense. Well, too late now.