Saturday, June 7, 2014

Celebrate! - June 7

I am celebrating several things this week:

1) Tuesday became my official first day of summer break.  I loved my students and we learned so much together this year, but there is a joy that accompanies the flexibility of a summer schedule.  Exercise when I want, including that 8:30 AM yoga class with the instructor I love.  Going to Book Club in the middle of the afternoon.  Breakfast with a friend.  Time to do errands, make phone calls, schedule appointments.  Time to sit on the screened porch and read.

2) My birthday present arrived this week, and is now on our screened porch.  I love this loveseat, and all the promises it offers of friends gathering, great book reading and cozy nap taking.

3) I went Thursday night to one of the many premieres offered at our local theatre for The Fault in Our Stars.  My youngest daughter pre-ordered our tickets, we munched happily on popcorn, and then got lost in the wonderful-ness of this movie, complete with buckets of tears.

One of my mentor text areas
4) After 2 1/2  full days, my living room went from a war zone, where not an inch of carpet was visible, and there were piles of books and supplies on every piece of furniture, to two separate areas of mentor texts, with all my professional books on the very sturdy bookshelf in our actual den.  Such a hard job, but this space now allows me to focus on helping teachers meet readers and writers' needs next year in reading and writing workshop.

Purchases from Cover to Cover
Thanks to Mandy for this picture!
5) On Friday, I gathered with fellow Columbus area bloggers for breakfast and book buying at our wonderful local independent children's bookstore, Cover to Cover.  As Mandy mentions, it can become a dangerous proposition to be in a room with that many book lovers, as well as the wonderful staff at CTC, and try to stick to any type of a book budget.  I cherish our times together.

Thanks for stopping by - I hope there were celebrations in your week as well.  For more celebrations, visit Ruth Ayres' blog.  Thanks so much to Ruth for hosting this happy celebration event each Saturday!


  1. Love the organization, Karen, & the loveseat of promise, & have heard about this fabulous breakfast. So many of you live near. I'm jealous! And to meet at Cover to Cover too-nice to hear about! Happy vacation!

  2. I totally agree. I love the time with my students, but summer is so refreshing. Being able to listen to the rhythms of my body to sleep till I am rested, go to events during the day or late at night, and sit and read or dream is so nice. Have a great summer!

  3. Color me jealous! I can't wait for summer break. What a tough job it is to sort through your books, but worth it in the end. I fortunate you are to live near your nerdy friends. That breakfast looks like a blast!

  4. Organizing a room is always a major accomplishment. The get together for a breakfast and a bookstore was a marvelous way to start a summer holiday. I have a movie date (The Fault in Our Stars) with my eldest on Tuesday. The free schedule for summer sounds so good after a scheduled school year. Happy Summer!

  5. Karen,
    What a smart plan to organize your books so you can use them next year! Love your birthday present, and our day of breakfast, books, and blogging was the perfect kickoff to summer. Much to celebrate!