Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kirby Larson is Coming!

In just 3 weeks, Kirby Larson will be speaking in our library! WOO HOO! It all started with a post about our Grand Discussions that she commented on (I hope she has brushed up on her state capitals!) and a few emails later, I'm in contact with her people and now she's coming to talk with our students March 8 & 9! I can't wait, for several reasons:

1. I love author visits! It's such a great experience for our kids to meet real live authors, hopefully something some of them will always remember.

2. I love hearing authors read their own words! Kirby will feature her picture book Two Bobbies ane will read it to our younger students. She will highlight the features of non-fiction writing with our older students.

3. Hattie Big Sky was my first "Looking for Newbery" success. Even before this blog, back when I was still in the classroom, it was the first winner I read before the announcements.

4. Our Newbery Club will get to have a special lunch with a real live Newbery winning author. They area already formulating questions and knowing this special group of kids, the conversation will be awesome.

5. I haven't met very many authors, and this will be my first Newbery Winner, but I have always enjoyed the conversations about the state of children's books, what makes a good book, what they are working on, how they get their ideas and just getting to know them a little bit better over a short time.

That's all I have for now, I just wanted to share the news! KIRBY LARSON IS COMING!

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