Saturday, January 2, 2016

Celebrate! - Jan. 2, 2016

Thanks so much to Ruth for creating a community that celebrates together (even if some of us only show up sporadically).

The past 13 months, have been an emotional roller coaster for me. Losing Mom last December and Dad dying just this past July. One daughter flying from the central Ohio nest to live in Nashville, the other daughter finding her way back to central Ohio. An amazing family trip to Jackson, Wyoming this summer that allowed me to indulge in some old memories of when I lived there for a year and create a whole bunch of new memories with my family. A lovely trip to Hilton Head in the spring with my husband. An incredibly rejuvenating trip to NCTE in Minneapolis.

It's been a year of ups and downs, and sometimes, just finding myself unaware of what was coming next.

So, with that thought in mind, I have decided on my #OLW for 2016 - savor.

I plan to savor the expected, and unexpected moments around me this year:
family, friends, professional learning opportunities, trips and vacations, food,  books,  exercise.

I realize that life itself is meant to be savored, so I could continue with this list.  But, for now, I am planning to savor the company of old friends this evening and spending time with my oldest daughter this afternoon. My hope that living in the moment and savoring the expected, and unexpected, allows for 2016 to be a year I lead with my heart.

Happy New Year to all!


  1. A perfect word. I am at a similar point in my life. With children and parents. Love to you this 2016. Savor all the moments.

  2. I love this word. We never know what life is going to bring us, so you're right, we should savor every single minute! Happy New Year Karen!

  3. I was happy to see 2015 go. I am looking forward to 2016. I love your choice of OLW - savor is a great one. May you savor this year fully.

  4. Your year was intense. I hope your new OLW 'savor' will lead a fulfilling year.

  5. Karen, I think this is a gentle and kind word for you. Just perfect. The line that really struck me to stop and think further was - I plan to savor the expected, and unexpected moments around me this year. The unexpected holds a purpose and a meaning - savor is a good word.