Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Camp with 5th Graders - #SOL

Today, our 5th graders went to camp as an end of year celebration.  The forecast hadn't looked promising for a day planned entirely with outdoor activities, but Mother Nature was kind.  We had amazing weather - sunny skies, a nice breeze, and warm temperatures.

The kids had a wonderful day.  They had their choice of many games, canoeing, rock wall climbing, s'more making, horse grooming, and much, much more.  I had originally planned to go from spot to spot, checking in on students and chaperones, but after my first station, I stayed right where I was.

See, I had started at the canoeing station, and it was a hoot and a half.  That breeze I mentioned earlier really picked up in intensity at the lake, and watching students try to battle that breeze became quite comical at times.  My teaching partner and I stood on the dock that they circled, and would shout encouraging words to them to help them navigate: "Pull on the left.  No on the left.  No, on your other left!"  After these directions and still many canoes running into the dock or getting pushed the wrong direction by the breeze, I would get the giggles.  You just can't buy entertainment like that.

After all 6 of our groups rotated through the canoes, it was impressive that not one boat tipped over.  However, at least 4 boats had to be rescued by the camp counselor because they lost control of their boat and got so far away from the dock, he had to tie his boat to theirs, and help row them back.  I'm pretty sure they don't pay him enough, but he was a truly good sport about it.  I'm guessing these weren't the first kids that had trouble with canoe navigation.

But through the hilarity and fun, today was bittersweet for me.  I mentioned a while ago that I have taken a literacy coach position, and I am quite excited by all that entails.  However, moments with a community of children like camp today will not be part of my new job.  I will miss that dearly.

So as this school year winds down, I plan to hold on to every classroom and community moment I can.

For more slices, head over to Two Writing Teachers blog.  Thanks to the crew over there for hosting us each week!


  1. I love field trips for just the reasons your slice paints - you get to enjoy the community that has grown under your nose in the space of a year. And, I can understand your feelings of sadness, too - enjoy these last few weeks, they will be extra special.

  2. Those are the wonderful moments you will always treasure! Good luck in your new position.

  3. I loved how you stayed put to watch it all and offer encouraging words. It's so important for us to step back and watch. This allows us to enjoy more and it helps children grow more. You will be great in your new position.

  4. Your third paragraph made me laugh out loud! :-) Maybe you can still sneak off next year for a quick trip to camp to watch the canoers! :-)