Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cranky - Slice of Life Tuesday

I'm delighted to be continuing my membership in this writing community that meets every week for Slice of Life Tuesday.  And even though Stacey and Ruth are taking a well-deserved break from blogging this week, I didn't want to get out of the habit of writing on Tuesdays, so I decided to post a little something today, anyway.

Yesterday I realized:
  • Classes are both taking 4 minutes for each transition / 7 transitions per block / 28 minutes a day for each block
  • Reality is that's just too much learning time to lose
  • Assignments are being turned in late or
  • Not at all
  • Kindness to classmates not always the norm, even during our empathy unit
  • Yet I look forward to today, eager for a fresh start, a new day

And now I'm better.  Thanks for letting me get this out of my system.   Hoping for a new adjective to describe today! :)


    1. Your CRANKY poem is perfect for this time of year. I was also cranky on my post today about enrichment is not about worksheets. Only three more weeks and testing will be over-Hooray!

    2. Oh, we all have those CRANKY days. We are allowed you know. But the beautiful part is that today is a new day. Writing helps too . . . Glad you wrote today!

    3. Hey Karen,

      My name is Megan and I'm a student intern with FindTheBest. I really like your site and would like to feature it on our blog comparison for free. If you are interested, please contact me at mfunk(at)findthebest(dot)com and I can send you the details.


    4. Tight transitions = ton more teaching time. This was a personal goal of mine this year. If you start this early (day 1), it really can work. (well, most of the time:)

    5. It is amazing how quickly minutes can disappear in a classroom. Firedrills, transitions, lost teeth, all take their toll. I liked the way you found an outlet for this crazy day. Hoping tomorrow...

      Is the day when students will slow down to
      Understand each other
      Make time for assignments
      Politely wait their turn
      Hoping to learn a little more
      And listen to one another
      Noticing the beauty of learning

    6. Cranky can be very good for you when you need it. Transitions do seem a little time-consuming, don't they? But the kindness thing is rough-I'd jump up & down being cranky over that! Glad you feel better, Karen!

    7. Writing and letting go or voicing concerns help create a fresh start. It sounds like it worked for you. Sometimes realizing the things that take away from great work is very frustrating. In the end the great work does outweigh the cranky. Hang in there.

    8. A very healthy and creative way to vent. Hope your day today was described by other adjectives as you predicted.

    9. Thanks for your CRANKY poem! We have days like that, and as a teacher I'm always working on the time issue. It's precious.

    10. YET

      That's the important thing...the YET.

      I work so hard to get the kids to say it (as in, "I don't get it...YET.") but I forget to say it myself...