Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slice of Life Challenge -Food from the Heart

Though I love the independence my husband and I have found in this first year of being empty nesters, I also love when either (or both) of the girls come home and one of the first things they do is request a special dish or meal that I cook.

Tonight, my youngest daughter asked for my special meatloaf (don't scoff - it's fabulous!), REAL mashed potatoes (as opposed to the kind Bob Evans makes?), and green beans sauteed in olive oil. Not one of the items is difficult to make, but I found myself in the kitchen for over three hours.

Not only do I love preparing a meal they want, but I love the rhythm and the solace of the preparation. Peeling and cutting potatoes, mixing the ingredients for the meatloaf, mixing the ingredients for the sauce that goes on the meatloaf, cleaning and sauteeing green beans -- all these things allow me time for reflection and to feel gratitude for the fact that the house is buzzing with youthful energy again.

Tonight, as the smells started to waft their way through the house, my youngest daughter finally made an appearance sniffing the air in anticipation. I know I should probably bring her into the kitchen and teach her these simple recipes, but for this one night, this is a gift I can prepare and give to her.

The genuine appreciation she showed at the end of our meal tonight was the gift for me.


  1. There truly is something special about preparing a meal for loved ones! Speaking from experience - nothing beats a mom's specialty dish. What a wonderful gift to give your daughter!

  2. I have three teenagers, and while I don't wish that they were gone now, I don't think that I will be too sad when they are gone. It's good to hear that you survived! Gives me hope.

  3. If you can make a good chicken potpie, Karen, I'm coming for the weekend.


  4. Jimmy - How the heck are you? Can you believe it was just around a year ago that we were hanging together?! How fun was that! Bill and I were just talking about picking you up at the airport and the wonderful conversation we had at the hotel bar getting to know each other and talking about your thinking regarding Bystander. It was so much fun having you here in Dublin! I'm just glad you came while Bill and I were still at the same school.
    About the potpie -- I make a good one, but not my own crust. So sorry, but Pillsbury crust works just fine.